Ryan Rose Wine

It’s all about timing: How a former marine makes the best wines in Oregon

Wines and winemaking are both measured in years; a complex science developing a product of complex quality. Winemakers understand that timing is everything, moving a grape from vine to harvest to fermentation to barrel, is a sequence of well-timed actions. They also know when it’s time to strike out on their own.


Fort West is honored to be working again with Rob Folin, co-founder and award-winning winemaker from Folin Cellars. As Rob begins the next stage of his winemaking career, he has asked Fort West to develop the new Ryan Rose brand and consult on the fledgling brand’s go-to-market strategy. The result will fly in the conventional face of wine culture, just like Rob has done in the past with great success.


With our help, the new Ryan Rose brand will highlight Rob Folin’s ongoing commitment to making great wine and put it in the glasses the next generation of wine drinkers. Stay tuned.