Office Buildout

Same mission, new location.

With our team of seasoned industry vets, one thing was certain: If we wanted the perfect place to create the best work we can, we’d have to build it.


Fort West’s steady growth over 2016 prompted the need for a larger space to accommodate the growing staff and to entertain clients.

Key requirements for the new office were enough square footage to allow for additions to our creative and development teams as well as a location (and landlord) that provided the leeway to execute our creative vision within the space. And concrete floors. You know, for the dogs.


With the help of an incredible contractor (thank you, Carl) and our friends at Hewn Elements who gifted much of the materials, the buildout achieved a space that is immediately welcoming and provides a collaborative environment for our talented development and creative teams.


The addition of sit/stand desks provided by Big Fir Designs all combined to create a workspace that allows the team to work hard in comfort and find personal space to focus, lose ourselves in a creative brainstorming session or stand at attention when we need to deep dive into a UAT session.


We call ourselves a back-alley shop because our front door literally faces an alley. But we prefer the unassuming exterior. It makes the magic that happens behind our doors even more impactful.

If you’re in downtown LO, drop on by.