Market Transport

Finding the blue ocean strategy
in a recruiting bloodbath.

Market Transport is the commercial trucking division of UTi Worldwide, an industry leader in global supply chain management. The commercial trucking industry is facing significant challenges, with an estimated 30,000­–50,000-driver shortage, an aging population and little interest from the next generation. Given these industry challenges, hiring competition among experienced drivers is steep.


Market Transport faced three primary challenges:

  1. Lost revenue opportunity due to industry-wide driver shortage.
  2. Recruitment marketing ROI not actively measured.
  3. Existing channels not maximized, or contributing negative ROI.

Fort West performed an extensive audit of the existing recruitment-marketing budget and operations. We proposed a highly targeted and measured campaign strategy, involving the development and comprehensive implementation of a new Market Transport employment brand.


The new employment brand strongly differentiated Market Transport in language, visuals, and action. It was designed to attract and appeal to the next generation of drivers, while bridging a generational divide in the perception of the truck driving trade. We proposed a suite of digital tools, industry-first driver programs, channel media planning focused on audience awareness, application submittals and net new hires.


We established existing benchmarks and key performance indicators across every aspect of the campaign, yielding a 30% increase in hires and 65% decrease in recruitment marketing expense.