Integrity Logistics

Integrity works hard
when no one is watching.

How do you reinvent a 30yr old brand that has become invisible in the logistics industry? You make them live up to their name.


With a rich history and strong dedication to upholding their core values, Integrity Logistics, a transportation broker, had gotten lost in a sea of sameness. They approached Fort West looking for a brand refresh, knowing it should include a new website but without knowing what else could reinvigorate their brand and would contribute to their bottom line.


Starting with their digital presence, we understood the need to make Integrity relevant by offering the information and tools that their current and prospective customers wanted and needed. At the same time, we recognized that the site would need to provide value to Integrity’s employees by integrating key API’s and workflows, reducing strain on the staff.


This was informed by conducting a series of interviews with company stakeholders and customers to define critical user paths and determine which tools would provide shipment visibility and create administrative efficiencies necessary to compete in the highly competitive industry.


To evolve the brand and set it apart from the competition, our creative team used flat, yet immersive design language purposefully absent of stock photography and generic content found on Integrity’s competitors sites. The aesthetic creates an approachable and fun experience that is supported by intuitive navigation, relevant information and industry tools, setting Integrity Logistics in a class of it’s own.