Cascadia Vehicle Tents

While the tent segment of the overlanding market is lost in the woods, we’re building a best-in-class tent configurator for CVT.

Cascadia Vehicle Tents started as a purpose-built product for the overlanding market which is reflected in their slogan “Camp is where you park it”. We’re helping them branch out to a wider audience that are not hard-core overlanding enthusiasts, but families and weekend warriors.


We approached it from a different angle: a car accessory. A really big one. Our inspiration was drawn from the best experiences we observed on car sites, leveraging 3D assets that allow for an impressive number of customizable options and features that a user can see and explore in real time.


Furthering the partnership, we’re stoked to be in the process of creating video content, brand-spanking new brochures, shirts, patches and other goodies. Summer’s going to awesome.


DP Nicoli