Arctic Sheet Metal

How do you make a 40yr old sheet metal company sexy? You focus on the craft.

Employing craftsmen, technologists, and problem-solvers, Arctic Sheet Metal designs, fabricates and installs complex commercial and industrial HVAC, dry mechanical and architectural sheet metal systems. Not exactly an industry that screams sexy, but as amature builders ourselves, we couldn’t pass up an opportunity to fly a drone around folks that were showering the area with sparks from arc welders.


Founded in 1977, Arctic’s business relationships were built with face-to-face meetings and sealed with a handshake. The company’s principles haven’t changed in 40 years, but the industry evolved significantly and so has the technology for relationship building. While Arctic embraced changes in technology and manufacturing for internal processes, they hadn’t exactly embraced technology for their outward image.


Walking into their fabrication facility, you’re met with turn of the century (last century) equipment that sits side by side with the latest plasma cutters and computer-aided metal printing systems.


We were tasked with bringing to the surface their passion for craftsmanship and quality and their expertise using the latest 3D BIM modelling and laser point scanning to creating a digital presence that vaulted over their competitors.

The end result brought a tear to the founder’s eye. True story.

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